Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Tick Tock ... Time for Clocks

Lately I’ve found myself wandering down to my workshop with desktop clock patterns in hand as my work for the night. When I pick out these patterns that I’m going to cut I try to find something that has meaning or makes me think of someone as I cut them. Doing this makes me feel that the pieces are unique and special, not just commercial. 
I am finding that clocks are great items to make because they are little; all you need is a small space on a desk, shelf or table as opposed to wall space to hang it. As well, there are so many patterns available that you can match one to someone’s personality, profession, hobby or sport very easily.
Firefighter Clock - One of my first clocks was this #1 Firefighter Clock. I cut this clock with my good friend Craig (obviously a fireman!) in mind.
Flip Flop Clock – Who can resist slipping on a pair of flip flops? To me it’s a sign that the good weather has arrived and the beach is not far away when I put on my flip flops for the first time each year. And of course I have a great friend, Robbie, who lives in her flip flops and so to me this clock just screamed her name.
Hockey Clock - Hockey just happens to be the great Canadian game so what good Canadian girl wouldn’t make a Hockey clock? But again, there’s the friend connection in Sherri who just lives for Hockey, which I saw as I was at my saw cutting this clock.
Rock Star Guitar Clock - We all have that friend that loves to play the guitar at parties... Well, I have Frank! I made this with him in mind!
Hummingbird & Chickadee Clocks – As I mentioned in my August 26, 2009 blog my friend Kim was my inspiration for my Chickadee Clock, as well as this Humming Bird Clock.
Dragon Clock – Ever know someone that loves the realm of fantasy? Is a game player? I have Ren, and I made this dragon just for him! In fact it was my first custom order clock. He and I searched the web to find the right Dragon for him. And while this one is finished in Gloss Black, I’ve just sent him and unfinished version so he can custom paint it!
Fairy Clock – And again into the realm of fantasy is this gorgeous Fairy Clock. When my niece Hailie was younger she was very much into Fairies. This clock reminds me of those fun times I had with her blowing bubbles or playing Barbie’s when I look at it.

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All clocks mentioned or pictured were designed by Steve Good of the Scroll saw Workshop blog, with the exception of the Chickadee Clock which was designed by Travis Cook of the Scroll saw villiage 

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