Monday, September 21, 2009

Woodworking and the Web as a Resource for Tools

As anyone with a workshop knows there is no such thing as enough tools and I am no exception to this. Whether it is upgrading one of my tools or simply purchasing additions for existing tools (like drill bits or saw blades). I have a few favourite stores in my local area that I will head to but I also am looking to online stores these days. 

One online store that I recently discovered is They are a great all around store that carries a variety of power tools, including my personal favourite the Excalibur 21in Scroll Saw made by General and tool accessories, like Scroll Saw Blades and drill bits, all of which a Scroller needs. However, Tools Plus goes a little bit further than just sales in that they produce a newsletter about tools and have moved into the exciting world of Blogs and Twitter

Another great store that I discovered is Cabinet Makers Supply. Now you might wonder why a Scroller would love a Cabinet Maker Supply store. Well, this company is just a little bit more than a place to buy cabinet making items (though the Clamps they sell are great for what we do!). The owners are invested in assisting the wood working community by providing a forum for all to showcase their talents, be it bowl turning, scroll saw angels like mine, chip carving or just what home repairs people were up to over the weekend.  CMS not only has a newsletter, and are on Twitter, but they also have a facebook fan page and How To Videos on YouTube.

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